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Polyimide film

In 1960's, polyimide film (KAPTON®) was invented in Dupont laboratories. After then, this gold-colored film has influenced the development of electrical and electronic industries greatly. For more 35 years, polyimide film has been proved as an excellent flexible material of choice in applications involving very high, 400°C (752°F), or very low, -269°C (-452°F) temperature extremes. To use the polyimide film means reducing volume and weight of the electrical appliances while retaining the same output or increase the capacity without increasing in frame size. It's excellence performance and properties such as chemical resist, high tensile strength, high voltage, often make it becomes the first or only choice for most  electrical designers and researchers. 

Application of our polyimide film:

·   FPCB

·   wire and cable insulation

·   formed coil insulation of traction motors,

·   motor slot liners 

·   magnet wire insulation

·   transformer and capacitor insulation

·   alternators, generators

·   downhole pumps

·   magnetic and Pressure Sensitive Tapes and tubes.

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